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Flores Island

The Portuguese who reached this island in the 15th Century gave the name Flores. ‘Flores’ means flowers, not by the Flowers grow on the land, but beneath the sea: coral, fishes and other marine lifes. The most beautiful coral reefs occur on the northern coast and western of the Island. Flores is 1.5 hours from Bali by Air. The Island’s attractions are: the three Colored Lakes KELIMUTU, mountains, rivers, valleys, traditional villages, hand weavings, marine lifes and Komodo Dragons.


The best hotel on this island is Flores Sao Resort in Maumere,Komodo Eco Lodge in Labuanbajo, while others are local lodges. Some have clean room with inside bathrooms and sufficient for the adventurous travelers. The most magnificent site is the three colored lakes of Kelimutu volcano. Each lake is a different color: blue, green and black. Other attractions include spectacular hand-woven textiles of Maumere, Ende-Lio, Ngada, the traditional megalithic village of Bena and other traditional villages in Ngada regency (Central Flores), and “Komodo dragons”. This Island is home to hundreds of different ethnic groups who speak scores of languages, and is a sort of transition point between the Malay and Negrito races.

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